North Bay Kitchen & Bath Inc.

Serving North Bay, Muskoka and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About us

We have been renovating homes and residential interiors for over thirty-five years, our specialty being kitchen and bathroom renovations. Our extensive experience enables us to work efficiently while maintaining a high standard of quality, which results in excellent value for our customers.

We are always open to discussion about specific details of a project and are willing to accommodate requests for changes or additions during the course of a job. We also do our best to build and maintain good relationships with our customers as we have found that a friendly environment greatly contributes to the success of a project. We are just people working for people and our goal is to add something positive to the life of the people we work for.

We are extremely proud of the high level of customer satisfaction we have achieved over the years. Nothing proves the quality of our work better than the fact that our customers regularly return to us with their new projects and repeatedly refer us to new customers.